Speaking on Asymmetrical Surfboard Design: The Donald Brink Interview

Surf Simply Magazine dives into asymmetrical surfboard design with Donald Brink.

We Are All Surfers

Mat Arney writes for Surf Simply Magazine about the representation of women in surfing and how far we still have to go.

57 – Mick Fanning: The Best Of Us

A new episode of the Surf Simply podcast is up now. We explain the relationship between surfboard volume and surface area, plus a look back at Mick Fanning’s career as well as all the usual news and nonsense. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or click below for show notes. Enjoy the show.

The Plastic Project

Surf Simply Magazine speaks with Tim Nunn, the driving force behind The Plastic Project about what can be done to save our oceans. Photography by Tim Nunn Photography

Smartfin: Underwater Microscopes

Using surfboard fins to track the effects of climate change on the ocean.

Departure Gate: South Island (East Coast), New Zealand

Surf Simply Magazine looks at how to plan a surf trip to the east coast New Zealand's South Island, with the stunning photography of Kim Feldmann de Britto

Nazaré: The Beauty of the Beast

Surf Simply Magazine looks at the small fishing village in Portugal which has become the center of the big wave world through the beautiful photography of Stefano Nicoli.

India: The Rise Of A Surf Culture

Surf Simply Magazine looks at the growing surf culture in India through the eyes of local surfer and journalist, Rammohan Paranjape.

Chronicles of Vee

The "Chronicles Of Vee" anthropomorphizes our much loved bottom contour and tells us her life story so far. Photos by @finesurfcraftbyandrewwarhurst @miasaraphotography (Instagram).

Ripple Effect: An Examination of Surfing as a Force for Positive, Lasting Personal and Societal Change Survey

Help Eastern Kentucky University do some surf science. They are trying to understand the social impact of surfing. You can help by answering some questions about yourself.

On Rail: The Train to Taghazoute

Surfing in Morocco has been a defining trip for European surfers for a long time but this surfer decided to swap his iPhone and EasyJet flight for a train and a 35mm camera.

Don’t Eat That Fish: About Ciguatera in French Polynesia

As humans change the ocean environment there are new dangers we need to be aware of and they're not always what you might think.

54 – Bruce Brown, A Final Conversation

Legendary surf film maker Bruce Brown joins the Surf Simply Podcast team as a guest on this very special episode which was the last interview the maker of "The Endless Summer" gave before his sad passing in Dec 2017. Even at 80 Bruce is still sharp, funny and full of great stories from an amazing life.

Satellite Sessions: Surfers and Scientists on a Quest for Healthier Coastlines

Great article on how surfers could play a role in advancing climate science and at the same time connect with the ocean environment on a different scale.

53 – Matt Warshaw and The Encyclopedia Of Surfing

The latest episode of the Surf Simply Podcast features Matt Warshaw, former editor of Surfer Magazine and author of The Encyclopedia Of Surfing, The History Of Surfing and Above The Roar. His most recent project has been putting it all online, an incredible labor of love which isn't going to continue without your help! To keep this comprehensive and unique body of knowledge alive you can subscribe or donate at http://www.encyclopediaofsurfing.com

"Saving The Encyclopedia Of Surfing"

The Encyclopedia Of Surfing is an amazing and completely uniques resource built over thousands of hours by one man, Mat Warshaw. The site has never been commercialized and now we're all endanger of losing it unless $30,000 can be raised to keep it going by the end of December. You can help by donating or even just subscribing for only $3 per month (which is a no brainer).

Opinion: Shaping your way to a World Title.

Surf coach, Will Forster shares his thoughts on the value of shaping your own boards.

52.2 – In Bloom

New episode of the Surf Simply podcast out now! This episode has a bit of Blue Planet 2; Competitors Shaping Their Own Boards; Algorithms For Fantasy Surfers; 2018 World Tour Schedule; plus CNN & The FT; Big Wave Courses; Flooded Water Housings; Surfing After the Snip; and Ready To Read.

Taapuna: Lessons From a Scar

A cautionary Tahitian tale and some stunning images.

Taapuna: Lessons From a Scar

A cautionary Tahitian tale and some stunning images.

The Changing Face of Surf Photography: The Damea Dorsey Interview

Veteran surf photographer Damea Dorsey shares his beautiful imagery and insight into the changing face of surf photography with Surf Simply Magazine.

Ice Cream Headaches: Celebrating Surf Culture in New York and New Jersey

"Ice Cream Headaches" is a beautiful new book by writer Ed Thompson and photographer Julien Roubinet celebrating surf culture in New York and New Jersey.

Mozambique’s “Reefs of Hope”

Surf Simply Magazine looks at the fascinating but too often overlooked reefs of Mozambique.


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